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Trustee / Business Manager

Born in Dublin, Ireland. My family moved to New Zealand in 1966. Former CEO, RNZCUC (15 years) currently Executive Manager, NZAMM. I met Lee and Penny in early 2013 and was introduced to the Foundation and decided this was my charity of choice. It represented everything I was looking for in a charity.


What drives me to be part of the Liberty of Being Me?

• Having been involved in business for many years, that was very much dominated by males, I realised that many women did not have the confidence or support to choose the career and lifestyle they wanted.

• I am fortunate to come from a large caring Irish family that are there for each other and provide support.

• This allowed me to succeed in my career.

• I brought up my son as a single mother from the time he was 4 years old.  This was not always easy.  However, I am very proud of the young, happy successful man he is today.

• It is essential that all girls and woman are respected and given the support and confidence to be who they want to be.  I believe society is now realising that this is not a privilege but a must.

• The world would not be here without all the amazing woman that have gone before us and are in our society today.


What is my vision for the Liberty of Being Me?

• For me, I see this organisation growing from strength to strength and being there in many different ways to provide the tools to support woman in fully recognising the wonderful individual person they are.

• Sadly, woman have not been treated as an equal human being in our society.

• I can see this is finally changing, but we must keep on keeping on and help each other in every way we can.

• The workshops that TLOBM, run should be freely available to all girls and woman in schools and community centres.  My goal is to source funding throughout New Zealand to ensure this happens.

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