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Certified and experienced purpose, career and talent coach.



“Inspiring you to show up and honour who you truly are”


At some point in my life I was forced to make a big change. For years I had been working as a tax lawyer, manager and management coach and consultant for the government in the Netherlands.

In the process of trying to live up to everybody’s expectations - including my own - I had lost my sense of who I was, as well as my self-esteem and self-respect. I realised the importance of honouring who you truly are and made the commitment to myself to never forget that again.


I decided to devote my career to help people be authentic and stay true to themselves. I am now coaching individuals, groups and management teams with a variety of personal and leadership development methods. Among those coaching tools are “The Game of Gifts” and “Young Talent” of which I am at present the only facilitator and teacher in Australasia. I founded Awareness Coaching & Training Ltd, to inspire people to lead a meaningful life while staying true to themselves. My clients call my coaching style light, loving, humorous and above all honest.


What drives me to be part of the Liberty of Being Me?

The Mission of the Liberty of Being Me is so close to my heart, that I feel I want to be part of it and contribute my talents to help the foundation achieve its purpose.


What is my vision for the Liberty of Being Me?

I can see the Liberty of Being Me as the start of a movement in which New Zealand girls and women are continuously inspired, encouraged and supported to know, accept and be themselves and show their true colours.

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