Dr Christina Berton

Dr. Christina Berton is an international self esteem leader, family therapist, motivational speaker and Director of the Mexico Dove Self Esteem Project. In 2007 Dr Christina co-founded the Amara Pro Self-Esteem Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering women and girls to recognise their value and build healthy self-esteem.

Originally from Canada and now living in Mexico, Dr Christina holds a Masters Degree and Doctorate Degree in Jungian Therapy (a school of psychotherapy also known as Analytical Psychology), is a Certified Life Coach, and serves on the Global Advisory Board of the Dove Self Esteem Project.

Through the Amara Pro Self-Esteem Foundation, Dr Christina has worked with tens of thousands of Mexican women and girls through workshops and initiatives centred around helping build healthy self esteem, and in turn healthy families and communities. This includes workshops that examine issues of body image, beauty stereotypes and the influence of the media, assertive communication and decision making skills, and the nurturing of mother-daughter relationships. Most recently Amara developed an initiative in partnership with Walmart to design e-learning courses and workshops to empower their female employees.

In 2008, inspired by hearing Dr Christina speak at an international business and professional women’s congress, Penny Stevens invited her to visit New Zealand for a national speaking tour. The following year Penny and husband Lee, together with Dr Christina, established The Liberty of Being Me Foundation to “promote healthy self esteem and create a safe space to discover one’s inner beauty and self-worth in today’s world.”

Dr Christina continues her involvement with The Liberty of Being Me Foundation, supporting and advising on programme development, sharing research and insights from her work with Amara, and visiting New Zealand for speaking engagements and to participate in strategic planning and development sessions with foundation staff and trustees.

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