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I am a Lawyer, Mother, and most importantly a Women.  I am dedicated in working towards the empowerment of individuals through sharing my personal stories, my work as a lawyer and through the non-profit work that I am involved in.


What drives me to be part of the Liberty of Being Me?

I am a Fijian born Kiwi Indian and have witnessed the gender disparity that exists in our communities.

This is why I, have chosen to become heavily involved in this amazing charity.

For me this organisation is a way to reach out to women and inspire them to better understand their own self-worth. To discover our own inner beauty as a Women is to take the first step towards allowing yourself “the liberty of being me.”As humans, often we cannot predict what storms’ life has in store for us, but we do have the power to create a strong sense of identity and self-worth about ourselves to ensure we have a solid boat in which to ride out the storm. I know that the only way to close the gender disparity gap is to inspire women to recognise their true worth and embrace themselves fully.


What is my vision for the Liberty of Being Me?

Through this organisation I am hoping to reach out to as many women and young girls as possible to enhance the inner strength of our communities. I believe we have discovered the solution to gender disparity and it is now time to take action.

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